Spam Ads on Facebook Profile( How to identify ? How to Recover ? ) - Complete Guide

Have you ever noticed the spam advertisement in your Facebook profile page ? If not , let me tell you how the ads will be(to identify) and how to recover from it ?

facebook spam ad's

Spam Ad's ?
Yes many would have identified that some of the ads are spam and many doesn't . Have created this article for both .in simple this article for the people who doesn't know how the ads will be and what it gonna do my profile or my PC. and for the people those who know about the spam ads am gonna give the steps to recover .

How it look's like at your Facebook Profile page ? :
Generally the spam ad's will be displayed at the middle of the status and at the sidebar of your profile page , 

Screen shot  :

facebook page rage spam

What does it do :
As of my experience it doesn't affect your account .where as ads will be published as i pointed out in the screen (FYI : these ads will be published not only on Facebook but also in what ever website you open will experience the same) , these ads will be annoying for the people when they about to read the status message posted by there loved one's .

Steps to Recover :
  • Go To : Control Panel -> Program and features -> find your browser which you were using while getting the virus -> Double click on your browser ( e.g Chrome, Firefox, IE ... ) -> Uninstall it 
  • While searching the "Programs and features" for your browser.. see if you can find any other program called "Yon too" or "Page Rage" if you find those, uninstall them too.
  • Enjoy your ad free Facebook.
yantoo or page rage

Note :
Take a Backup of Browser Setup Files,For Re-installation ( if you don't Have one Download From internet) 

Credits :
I would Like to thank Facebook page-rage page for sharing this article .

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  1. Have seen this type of conflict when i install some third party apps and did the same steps above . now my browser is free of spam ads . thanks for the post


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