[Links Updated] Get 3G Data Speed on 2G Plan - Android Trick

DISCLAIMER : Please proceed if you know what you are trying or gonna do (Try this at your own risk , Comment below and am happy to help you)

[Updated and /tested One more Time as per request] Wanna enjoy the 3G experience with your 2G data plan without spending 0 balance . its just a trick , you can fool around/boost your network and your android device so that can experience 3G speed with 2G data .

2G to 3G

Required Files :
NOTE : I request my readers to read the post and comment section fully for the error/bugs you face .Also Tested on Android 4.4 Kitkat latest.

Screenshot from my mobile :

Tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus,2g speed ,3g speed convertor
Personally Tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

RESULTS NOTE : 1. without the tweak 2. with Fast mode 3.with FASTEST mode 4. in ROAMING .

Download the above file and keep it safe before you start proceed below .
  1. Start the 3G/4G optimizer :
  • Choose network speed as 12/28/7(set to max)
  • select down speed increase
  • apply the changes made .
     2.  Restart the device once you save the changes

Open the script manager 
  • Browse the file which you downloaded (ie) 3G Turbo script text file changer
  • Allow the Super User (grand Permission)or else click on the Super user icon , grant permission and run the script
  • Scroll up and set the setting to Fastest to get the maximum Data Speed .
  • Reboot your device 
    3. Switch To WCDMA Mode on Setting(network)

Things to Remember :
  1. If your country does support 4g proceed the step wcdma otherwise change the mode to either fast , faster mode and skip wcdma mode .
  2. Your device must be rooted to make work this trick
  3. Reboot where ever its required .
Hope you enjoyed using the 3g speed on your 2g data plan . share your experience and also if you have any queries feel free to comment below .

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