Android Technology: Absurdity Won’t Boost the Need

Currently, android technology has highly evolved from the simple basic application to a more complex one. In this evolution, the core value is to develop structures and applications that makes life easier and is more fulfilling for the user.  Theoretically, the essence of developing an application would be to eliminate the manual user input, making life easier and speeding the entire process. However, with the android technology, much absurdity in their evolution has led to this goal being overpowered by the need to develop the smartest smart gadgets. The need outdo other technologies has now led to the development of more complex gadgets that do not meet the basic need of fulfilment and less complicated gadgets. 
This is evidence in:
a)    Complexity of application- absurdity of the android technology and its failure to make life easier for users is highly evident in how complex the applications are. For example, in a HTC smart phone, they have omitted the inclusion of the text and save number menu in the phone number input system. They only offer the ability for the user to call or dial the contact. In such a case, it is entirely impossible for the android technology user to save contacts with such a technology. This makes life and the use of the smart gadget more complicated ad less fulfilling.
b)    Unaffordability- android technology gadgets become pricier with the addition or invention of more complex technologies. The more complicated a gadget is, the more expensive. This is basically based on market competition. In return, the high prices lead to less use of the gadgets since not many can afford them. Through this set up, android fails to meet the basic goal of making life less complicated and more fulfilling.
c)    The development of applications that are of less use to clients- android technology has continued to develop a lot of applications that they offer with their smart gadgets. Some of these applications however do not add value to the life of the user. For example, some android technology gadgets offer applications such as love calculator. This app demands that one input personal details and the love is calculated. Rarely does this application offer positive results. Such results hence may cause anxiety to the android application user. Also, thee application adds less or no value at all to the life of many users.
d)    Lack of privacy- some absurd android technologies deny a user the privacy they would require in a phone. For example, some of the android technology phones do not offer passwords or lock ability. This leads to a user not being able to put what they consider as private away from people. It becomes easier to use their gadgets and go through their items since they are not locked. The lack of passwords or lock ability in such gadgets may also cause serious impersonations since many people can access the details in the other persons’ gadget.
These and more absurd android technologies have continued developing in an attempt to outdo other developers in the field. This is also an attempt to gain more buyers of the unique gadgets. However, this has been a huge fail since the lack of reliability in the absurd gadgets only leads to less or low boost in the android technology gadgets. 
Guest Post Author Bio :
I am Sarah S Ward; my hobby is writing articles on diverse topics. As a result of my vast experience in the wring industry, I write both academic and non-academic essays. Hence, writing a lot article on different help me to become a good writer

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