One click update your latest Android Os on Your Galaxy Nexus -Force CheckIn Trick

Hi guys as i posted in the Facebook page about the official Android update 4.1 ,4.1.1 ,4.2 ,4.2.1 and 4.3 will be out by tomorrow . if you are very intrested and eager to get it by now then you can use the force update steps to get the Android jellybean 4.1,4.1.1,4.2,4.2.1 and 4.3 update to the nexus device .

Requirements :
  • Fully stock Galaxy Nexus device
  • Wifi Connection to download the software update

The Following steps to be Followed :
  1. Go into Setting -> Apps -> All -> Google Services Framework
  2. You will see a button for “Clear Data”; clear it.
  3. Go into your dialer and type *#*#2432546#*#* - This will cause a ‘force checkin’. You will notice that it shows “checkin succeeded” across the top.
  4. Go back to Setting -> About Phone -> System updates and then click the check now button.

Biggest differences between ICS and JB:

This part will be a little bit messy because I'm going to change it a little bit but I really don't have that much time so I will do it in parts

Changes in Settings:
  •  Data Usage Graph is now linear, like in CM9
  •  Wi-Fi Direct has now an option menu
  •  WPS-Pin and Push Button Configuration is now supported
  •  The account-settings are now a seperated category in the settings 
  •  Developer options have been rearranged and new ones have been added
  •  Now there's an arrow downwards instead of the back button when the keyboard is opened:
  •  There is an other lockscreen animation and you can access google now from lockscreen
  •  New animations
  •  Access google now instantly by swiping up from the home button
  •  Process of adding a new word to the dictionary have been optimized
  •  New Wallpapers
  •  New Search-Bar
  •  New Radio and Bootloader
  •  New Boot-Animation
  •  Homescreen objects rearrange when you add an widget automatically
  •  New Google Music App
  •  New Youtube App
  •  New Google Maps app
  •  New Voice Search app
  •  Contacts with a higher resolution
  •  Expandable Notifications
  •  Completely redesigned nofication bar
  •  New animations in gallery app
  •  Optimized Camera app
  •  New programm-chosing-menu .
Credits : Thanks to Xda For sharing the information.

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