Hate a Tangled-Up Cord Use Apple-Core Cord Organizer

Are you tired of your cords being tangled up? It is very irritating to spend time for untangling the headphones. When you put your headphones in your purse or bag or in your pockets they usually get tangled up into several knots. Some tight knots can even damage your headphones. Tangled-Up Cords are the age old problems for the headphone users.

Here is the solution for your problem, Apple-Core Cord Organizer. 

Solve your Headphone Tangled Woes

You can solve your tangled woes by using the Apple-Core Code Organizer. It has been made up by using the Apple Core shape; the little rubber-helper keeps the cords tangle-free. These are available in affordable price. You could get these cores in large, medium or small to suit with any cord size.

Apple-Core Code Organizers come together with aesthetics and simplicity to solve this growing issue of the tangled wires. Apple core is a stylish as well as smart cord organizer. You do not have to tie the cables together or even hide the cables behind the objects or faux furniture. The Apple-Core Cord Organizer shape allows the wires and cables to be wrapped around it in seconds that allows flexibility in the desired length of the cable through uncoiling or coiling of the Apple-Core. The Apple-Core Cord Organizer comes in different colors and sizes that allow the users to outfit the office or home with ease. 
With the advancement of technology these new products has been discovered to solve the ongoing problems and issues. 

Deal with the Tangled Wires

This Apple-Core Cord Organizer has several advantage and benefits. Some of these are – 
  • Nest tidy cable cord extends the life of the headphone cables
  • Saves your valuable time
  • The headphone does not gets tangled up

This Apple-core generally comes in 3 different sizes which could be used for all the cables not only just the headphones. The largest or the biggest one has been designed for the tidying the power cables, then the medium one is specifically designed for the sync cables or wires and other cables of similar size, and the smallest ones are just perfect for the lightweight cables and headphone. To match up with your headphone color or cable color the Apple-Core Cord Organizer comes in different vibrant colors which looks trendy and even suits to your style statement.

Manage the Tangled Up Cords

The headphones cords usually get tangled up due to its high elasticity level for which they stick to each other and then gets tangled into complex knots. You need some time to get these complex knots to untangle before being able to use your headphone. This also stops your urgent work you need your headphone immediately. To avoid these you can take help of the Apple-Core Cord Organize. With the help of the cord organizer you can easily keep your headphones in a safe and simple knot which does not allow the wires of the headphone to get tangled up. 

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